Working with your Home Fish Tank

If you’ve decided to keep some pet fish in your home, but don’t know the first thing about caring for fish or maintaining their tank, don’t panic just yet.  Taking care of pet fish isn’t necessarily a difficult task, so long as you know some of the basics and can be prepared for a few regular tasks.  In this article, we’ll mainly focus on the use of a home fish tank, and how to approach cleaning it and picking out the right one.  That way, it will be less daunting to face it yourself when the time comes.

When selecting a fish tank, think about all the factors that may play into what you need.  First, count the number of fish you plan on holding in it.  While a single fish or two may only need a moderately sized tank, if you plan to house half a dozen or more, you’ll need a considerably larger tank.  Also, think about design.  Do you want a plain, boxy looking fish tank, or when that’s been customized to look like a specific shape, or one that just has a unique, whimsical design?  That can boil down to how you plan to use the fish tank as a decorative object as well, meaning you’ll have to decide between using it as a centerpiece for a room’s design, or just as a home for the fish that you tuck away on that small table near the window in the living room.

The fish tank build will also play into how you maintain the tank.  A tank with flat, straight sides and a rectangular base can more easily fit in most spaces, and it’s much easier to check for possible cracks that are forming in tanks of this design.  Tanks with unusual shapes may be harder to check, and more importantly for your consideration, multiple times more difficult to clean.  If you pick out a fish tank with a bunch of unusual bends and corners, it may be hard to reach there during cleanings, and a fish tank has to be cleaned fairly often to help ensure the safety and health of the fish inside it.

If this all sounds like a lot to take in, don’t let it overwhelm you.  There are always self-cleaning tanks available, and you can always go simple if you want to avoid the more complicated aspects of fish tank care and maintenance.  Besides, once you figure this all out, you’ll be able to enjoy the company of some pet fish, without questioning whether you’re ready to deal with them or not.


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  1. I have a confession to make: I don’t like fish that much. =( I can’t relate to them! I find warm-blooded animals more cuddly and much friendlier.

    But I know how it feels to be a pet lover. If you are enthusiastic about fish, then that’s great! =) I hope you take care of their health as well. When it comes to fish, I heard that natural feeds, instead of the processed ones with a lot of food fillers, will do wonders for the health of your fish.

    Natural options are always better! That’s my mantra, which explains why my blog is about natural pain remedies. Hope your fish is happy – and don’t forget to feed your fish natural food!

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