The Cutting Edge

A good cook knows the right equipment makes the task easier and more enjoyable – preparing meat with a sharp fillet knife is a pleasure while struggling with a dull knife or making do with the wrong knife makes the work tedious. That’s probably why anyone who really loves to cook has a variety of knife sets designed for each and every food preparation task. You may love the paring knives in one set but prefer the boning knife from another; that’s why it can make sense to buy knives on an individual basis instead of as a set.

Regardless of how you have acquired your knife collection it’s essential that you keep your knives sharp; proper storage helps knives to stay sharp. If you toss your knives and cutlery into a gadget drawer you risk cutting yourself when you reach in to find something and you risk the chance of one knife gouging another. Any gouges or imperfections in a knife blade are places which can harbor germs and breed bacteria; knives should be as hygienic as possible when they are used to prepare food.

A knife block is a popular knife storage option as it keeps cutlery handy while protecting blades and sharp edges; if your preferred knifes fit into a knife block you already own you are in luck. Most people find they have an eclectic collection of favorite knives and the fixed slot knife block won’t accommodate the knives they use most. The Kapoosh® knife storage system is a great option if you are faced with this issue.

The Kapoosh® knife block has an insert made of plastic rods; any size and shape of cutlery can be stored amongst the plastic rods and the insert is designed to be removed and washed in the dishwasher so you never need to worry about dust and food debris collecting in the slots.

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