Dead sea turtles confiscated from Chinese fishing vessel

I just can’t imagine how those responsible humans did this to sea turtles. As you can see from the image below, a number of sea turtles were already dead — in fact, captured dead from a Chinese fishing vessel around Palawan aea.

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles (image from

How cruel, as I could say, these humans were as they helplessly and guilt-free kill those sea turtles. Who else now will maintain the natural habitat in the ocean bed? Who will perform now the roles of those sea turtles in continuing the beauty and cycle of the ocean life?

People, let us all keep our environment, our ecosystem intact since even the smallest to the largest animal that we could see are all part of our existence in this world.

Turtles’ Carapaces

It’s just like wiping a hard drive wiping and cleaning the detached turtles’ carapaces I’ve seen in a video shared and posted online. I have personally seen a detached carapace way back college years when we went to a turtle sanctuary in Davao City. But I have not tried myself cleaning and doing work with carapaces.

Anyway, what really are carapaces?

Carapaces are the hard part found at the upper or back part of turtles and tortoises. But theses can also be seen in other animals like arthropods specifically the shrimps, prawns and more. For the above mentioned animals, these carapaces serve as a protective structure for their body and for their head, or brain part.