Traveling with Pets

This is a Sponsored post. All ideas are mine.

We just recently back from a family vacation and since it was very difficult for us to leave our cuddly and lovely pet dogs, we were of no choice but to have them with us.

Before we have finally decided to bring our pet with us, it made a big discussion for I and my hubby since that travel was our first ever to have our pet with us. We do not have clues on how to manage pets when traveling and on how to take the best of care to our car. One of the things we first argued with was on how we carry our dog. Will we just have the dog bare on our car seats or to have it with socks on? Or should we get a carrier for our dog? Another thing which worried us much was our car seats – on how are we going to handle in case of fallen fur sticks to it. The possible scratches on the car by those little paws also fret us on how can we prevent those.

Eventually, that stuff mentioned above were trimmed down to having our dog a pet carrier, which my hubby lurked from several websites on the internet. Additionally, has also mentioned some tips on how to maintain your cars still great looking after a long vacation and when traveling with pets.