New Pets to have

I had been mentioning about the new place where we will be moving in. And since pet dogs are not allowed in the compound, which was my first choice of pet to have, I will be settling for fishes then.

Pet FishesPet Fishes (image from

But this time, flowerhorn fishes are not in my list of pets to have since they are very time and attention consuming. Though I really wanted to have them back, I still can’t because sooner then I will be having a baby which needs my time than those fishes.

So for now, I am thinking of having koi fishes and situate them outside our house, just near the patio. Isn’t that a good idea then?

Small Fishes for Outdoor Wall Fountains

I’ve seen a lot of outdoor wall fountains of different styles and sizes but I am just wondering if we can rear even small fishes on these outdoor wall fountains. The following are some of the elegant outdoor wall fountains.

Oxford Lion Wall FountainOxford Lion Wall Fountains (image from

Formal Garden Wall FountainFormal Garden Wall Fountain (image from

Brook Floor or Wall Water Fountain Brook Floor or Wall Water Fountain (image from

Some of the small fishes I thought applicable for outdoor wall fountains include the following.

Small Gold FishesSmall Gold Fishes (image from

Flock of Small FishesFlock of Small Fishes (image from

Colorful Koi Fishes at Home

Should I say, our home in the province is also a home for simple yet extravagantly loved and cared fishes which are very evident through their colors and how they react, physically — very energetic fishes. Such of these fishes are the colorful Koi fishes at home.

Colorful Koi Fishes at HomeColorful Koi Fishes at Home

I remember, when I went to one of the pet shops in Cebu City where they sell Koi fishes, there was one fish that looked differently from the other fishes. It has had a color that is somehow similar to wedding ring titanium. To my surprise, when I asked the attendant, she told me that the color of the fish was titanium.

I wonder if my brother is having that titanium-colored Koi fish too.