Music for Aquarium Fishes

After sharing the music therapy video, I am thinking of collating musical therapy songs. One of my friends offered her cassette tape which her parents used before for a therapy session. But since I have no cassette player like the classic tascam dp-004 at guitar center, she just copied the list of titles of the songs on that said cassette tape and told me to look for downloadable copies of those songs from the internet.

While browsing over the internet the songs I wanted to download, I stumbled upon music for aquarium fishes.

Music for Aquarium FishesMusic for Aquarium Fishes (image from

It is believed that fishes love to listen to moderate amount of music and not the noisy one. For reasons, I do not fully understand yet.

Music Therapy

I’d been watching this video many time already believing that this can help me relax. At first, I was hesitant, but true enough, it is a very relaxing one.

I am not sure what music instruments are being used in this video if this has included a vibraphone, a saxophone, just plane guitars, or what. I can’t fully distinguish one instrument from the other. But well, what I am more concerned of is the relaxing therapy brought by this video and the ambiance as well with those calm moving fishes and other organisms in the tank.

Lady Gaga: Judas

This is the very first time of to join Music Monday. With this, I am welcoming myself with Lady Gaga’s Judas song in Music Monday.


Happy Music Monday guys!

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