New Pets to have

I had been mentioning about the new place where we will be moving in. And since pet dogs are not allowed in the compound, which was my first choice of pet to have, I will be settling for fishes then.

Pet FishesPet Fishes (image from

But this time, flowerhorn fishes are not in my list of pets to have since they are very time and attention consuming. Though I really wanted to have them back, I still can’t because sooner then I will be having a baby which needs my time than those fishes.

So for now, I am thinking of having koi fishes and situate them outside our house, just near the patio. Isn’t that a good idea then?

Pinky Glowy Flowerhorn Fish

I am not sure if fishes get affected with any music being played surrounding them or are their colors are reflective also with the sound vibrations they can perceive.

Hmf! Maybe I am just thinking much of this Pinky Glowy Flowerhorn Fish of my brother.

Pinky Glowy Flowerhorn FishPinky Glowy Flowerhorn Fish

You might be wondering why I mentioned about music and fishes. This is because, as far as I knew from my mom, flowers and trees are affected by the music or any noise in their surroundings, be it in the negative or positive ways. Perhaps made me wonder if fishes are also affected. This also lead me to think if any of the visual sound musicians friend’s list can make any reactions to fishes.

Aquarium Accessories: Aquarium Water Heater

My brother was asking me a favor to look for aquarium accessories water heater for his  aquariums. But since I cannot shop here in malls and even in pet shops, I opted to check for aquarium heaters online.

Aquarium Accessories: Aquarium Water HeaterAquarium Accessories: Aquarium Water Heater

After an hour of browsing over the internet, I have nothing to find but only wilmington nc real estate listings. With that, I might just visit the pet shops instead.

Flowerhorn Fry

Ain’t it real obvious that our family loves to have fishes? In fact, aside from taking care and providing incomparable love and attention to our adult fishes at home, we also rear baby fishes or those fry especially flowerhorn fry.

Flowerhorn FryFlowerhorn Fry

See those flowerhorn fry above? They are just some of our baby flowerhorn fishes at home. My brother said that if the mommy flowerhorn will give birth to a number of flowerhorn fry soon, he will sell some of it. Should you want to buy flowerhorn fry, feel free to contact us.