Fish Banners

I am planning to make a big fishy banners for the fishes at home. But I am still thinking where to print the five fishy banners I already have designed just in my mind yet.

Fish BannerFish Banner (image from

For the printing of these five banners, I first look over the internet some printing companies online so I have ideas how much each banner would cost me because these are somehow big banners and I guess pricey also.

Hope I can find printing companies online that offers cheap banner printing then.

Fishy Talks August 2011 Top Commenters

August 2011 has just ended and a new fishy tale month is here again. But before anything else, I’d like to give thanks to all my fishy talkers/top commenters for the last month. Here they are!

  1. Caroline Caroline (3)
  2. foongpc foongpc (3)
  3. Mona Mona (3)
  4. genny genny (2)
  5. Jean Soo Jean Soo (2)
  6. May May (2)
  7. A Woman's Note A Woman’s Note (1)
  8. Ane Ane (1)
  9. bluedreamer bluedreamer (1)
  10. Charlotte Victoria Charlotte Victoria (1)

Thank you so much guys for sharing your thoughts!

PR2 for

I think I haven’t blogged, I mean, I forgot to blog about’s page rank 1 last June 2011. Yeah! You heard that right, my fish (pet) blog has gained page rank 1 after 3 months of circulation. And now, in less than 2 months after MrG honored me with PR1, he has given me a page rank of 2 now!

This is really a very big thing to celebrate. Aside from my fishy – pet blog having PR 2 now, my foodie vegie blog is having PR 2 also after a less than 3 months of active circulation. Yay!

MrG is really good to me and to my fish, my vegie and other stuffs! Hoping these would last FOREVER! LOL!

Happy blogging guys!