Water Hyacinth Problem in Cotabato City

Water hyacinth is one of the many aquatic plants which help provide fishes and other marine organisms the nutrients and oxygen supply.

Water hyacinth is floating perennial aquatic plants. It has a broad, glossy ovate leaves. It could grow as high as 1 meter tall. It has bulbous, spongy and long stalks. The roots are feathery and long. With enough water and nutrients, water hyacinth grows fast and could even evade the entire body of water.

This seems to be the problem now in Cotabato City, Philippines wherein there is an overproduction – rapid growth and production of water hyacinth in the water which causes flooding.

Theoretically, due to the crossing of stalks and roots of the water hyacinth down below, the water cannot flow readily going to the sea or elsewhere. As a result, water, due to the heavy rain, would be stocked up in an area and eventually causing flooding.

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