DIY: Aquarium Stand

Because the holiday season is coming near, I have decided to browse on as many woodworking website as I can, as I am planning to do my own aquarium stand. In this way, I can save some amount of money for the stand cost and have it used in buying gifts for my loved ones.

Aquarium Stand
I am not good at woodworking but to my desire to save money, I managed to do some research.

However, the required tools to use for my DIY aquarium stand made me think that I should forget saving some amount and work a little more to earn extra for my holiday shopping.

Aquarium in the office

I thought M will only shop for merkur razor, but he rather shopped accessories for his flowerhorn fish and aquarium in his office. I didn’t believed on him at first not only until he shared some photos of his aquariums via MMS. It’s not that I don’t trust on him but I just found it weird for him to bring his aquarium from home to his office.

He was actually asking some good ideas from me before on what would be the best aquarium styles he could put up on his office. I browsed over the internet a classy aquarium look and this was what I found.

Aquarium TableAquarium Table (image from

What do you think of the aquarium table above? M just laughed at me when I shared this to him because he found this too classy for him. LOL!