Recycled Aquarium Trays

With my busy schedule, I cannot steal a time to go to the pet stores to sport for the best and most appropriate materials and equipment for our planned aquarium. So I always end up recycling anything I can grab from our storage room.

The image above is not mine. I just saw that while browsing over the internet and gave me brilliant idea to what stuff from our storage room to perfectly utilize to have an aquarium and stray. For the tray, I have found a board that looking like a raxxess at It’s a square, measuring approximately 12 inches by 12 inches. Perhaps I can use it as a tray where I can put the aquarium on – to elevate it from the main cabinet.

At least with these, I can slowly manage to have my son his longtime yearning to have his own aquarium and fishes on it.


Aquarium Stands

For a long time, I have not been into rearing fishes nor having an aquarium here in our place because of the fact that I really cannot attend to those fishes anymore. Although, my little man really do love having pet fishes, I just always speak to him explaining how to take care of those fish but his mom just cannot. I told him that I prefer to be at his side and take care of him the whole day rather than in those fishes.

But just very recently, along with the upcoming birthday celebration of my son, he always mention to have fish-themed party. I did not say yes nor disagreed because we already had that theme last year, on his 2nd birthday. This time around, I wanted him to have a new birthday theme. So he chose other ideas. But still, he is insisting to have pet fishes at home after seeing from our neighbor an old studio rack being used as an aquarium stand. I haven’t seen it myself but our house helper mentioned one time when she and my little man went to our neighbor’s house.

aquarium standAquarium Stand

I do not know what should I do but I am certain for now that I won’t have an aquarium yet here, even how small that aquarium would be.

*Image is not mine.

Old Speaker Aquarium

I had been encouraging my friends who also love to pet fishes to use recyclable stuff for their fishes instead of buying new ones. This is for them to save money from spending those new stuff and also to help minimize trashes which are yet usable.

Reusable Items as Aquariums

Reusable TV as Aquarium (image from

One example is the image above. As you can, that is an old television set. But there are other old items which we thought are not useful anymore at home but still can be used as aquarium. A very good example is an old speaker. Of course, you cannot just use iloud speakers since those are small. Utilize the bigger speakers so that a number of fishes can be accommodated.

I have not tried one yet since we do not have old speakers here. But I will make sure to share to you here once I got to make an old speaker as an aquarium.

Stones and Pebbles for Aquariums

Stones and pebbles are used to decorate aquariums. These are of different colors, sizes and shapes. Aside from the beauty they provide on the aquarium’s environment, they also give perfect hue that is conducive for living.

Stones and Pebbles for Aquariums

I actually just recently added white pebbles to my simple garden pond from recycled tires.  Those are just given to me by my aunt since their aquarium fishes died, the reasons I did not asked anymore. Knowing that then, I made sure to disinfect the pebbles before using them. I first washed those with soap and water added with chlorine and zonrox. Then I dried them under the heat of the sun for a day. And a day after, a washed those again with water and soap, dried under the heat of the sun and put them all in our simple garden pond from recycled tires.

Getting to Know Your Aquarium’s Water Quality

Whether you have a small fish bowl or huge wall aquarium, every tank should have a specialized habitat that supports various animals and plants. In fact, an aquarium’s water quality is comparable to the clean air that people breathe. The water must be pure enough, so that fish can absorb oxygen and live healthy lives. Get to know your aquarium’s water quality, and your fish will have longer lifespans as a result.

Invest in a Water Kit

Water may be one of the most basic substances on Earth, but it does change over time when you add living animals and plants to a given habitat. To really care professionally for your aquarium, purchase a water kit. These kits consist of several tools that measure pH, nitrates and ammonia levels. You should check the water on a weekly basis by using these kits and alter the levels accordingly.

Aquarium Water

Add a Thermometer

The aquarium may be located in a comfortable area within the home, but you should still check the water temperature each day. Specialized aquarium thermometers can rest within the water so that you can instantly see the habitat’s temperature. Your fish will only be comfortable within a certain temperature range. Adjust the habitat’s temperature whenever necessary, and you’ll have fish with long lifespans.

Observe the Fish

If your aquarium doesn’t have a relatively perfect water environment, you’ll notice marked differences in your fishes’ behaviors. They’ll appear sluggish with possible growths hanging off of their bodies. Test your water at the first sign of these issues. Changes in pH and other factors should be performed to alleviate the fishes’ stress levels.

Replace the Filter Each Month

Aside from monitoring the water quality on daily and weekly schedules, you should also perform a monthly cleaning service. The aquarium’s filter needs to be cleaned or replaced so that the water can remain as clean as possible. Clean other items and add some new water to the tank too. Your water environment should be clear with healthy fish after performing basic cleaning tasks.

Every aquarium has a distinct design to please the eyes, but they all have the same basic functions. Click here to browse through several fish tanks that can work for any home or business. Aquariums encourage relaxed minds when people stare at them on a regular basis. An entire room can be transformed with just one small fish bowl.