I want to share to you my cravings for today. It’s LUMIYAGAN in the local dialect. But actually it’s just a simple SQUID. Yay!

Happy and Yummy Tuesday everyone!


Lumiyagan — 10 Comments

  1. halaka, karon pa ko kabalo nga mao nay binisaya sa squid. ka-kuyaw ba diay! lol

    Paki-bisita pud ko sa akoa ug naa ka higayon,
    LAMI Delight; LIBRO


  2. Laluma anang nga word oi, basta lagi ning hulagway ba, daghan kaau kog matun-ang binisaya. kalami sa squid b, presko pa jud…mingaw nakog seafoooodddd!!!

  3. hello gay, tried to leave a comment in your other blog(gagay.MD)but i to no avail. anyway i updated the link of your other blog and i also added this blog.. let me know when my link is up in here..

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