One Fish Die

I was busy looking for best inspirational quotes over the internet when my housemate shouted that one of my fishes died.

Upon hearing her, I immediately running rushing downstairs from my room. Yes, indeed, one of my fishes died. I didn’t take any pictures of my dead fish because I don’t want to see it flocked by red ants in our floor.

If I am not mistaken the fish, most probably, jumped from the aquarium. And because I forgot to put the glass cover back after I fed them, maybe, that’s what definitely happened.

Its too late for this fish, but in another life, I might have consider online vet tech programs. For
more information, see Guide to Online Schools.


One Fish Die — 1 Comment

  1. ayyyyyyy…kasayang..kalooy sa fish…ako anak gusto ng aquarium pero di ko kay kapoy mag limpyo hahaha.

    TY kaayo sa mga visit Gay…okay nako ron. wala na flu. Oi lain pay ato…ang Davao karong adlawa grabeng baha…ang Matina Crossing hangtud Bangkal, di maagian ug sakyanana kay hanggang baywang ang tubig baha…kusog man gud ang ulan gabii nya dugay pa jud nahuman…12 hours me diri sa matina wala kuryente.

    karon pa daw ni nahitabo ang baha nga lalom.

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