No New Fishes

My Ishy, a flowerhorn fish, is yet an 8-year old sweetie. I am not certain if Ishy is a boy or a girl fish but I am just considering her as a girl because of her pink color. I bought her while she was still 2-week old. She was still small that time but already high-priced. Flowerhorn fishes, undeniably, are very costly even if they are still baby fishes. But having a friendly negotiation skills – asking and negotiating diligently to the store owner, everything that are thought to be difficult and impossible would be easy to handle. That, basically the reason why I was able to get myself my fish, Ishy, in a very cheap cost.

Anyway, Ishy has grown so fast in just the 6-week span of her being with me. Her head is starting to bulge now. She already is having a prominent head protruding outward. Her scales all over her body are getting shinier and shinier now unlike when I first saw her having black spots scattered everywhere on her body.

When M visited me in my apartment three weeks ago, he was amazed seeing Ishy being so pinky and sexy looking. He even told me that he’s wanting to have one now. And not later than two weeks after his visit, we went to the shoppe where I bought Ishy. He looked for flowerhorn fishes to rear. But he wasn’t able to drive the shoppe’s owner’s heart to give him a lower price that was same with me when I bought Ishy.  Too bad, that was. M just decided not to have new fish for him as of now.


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