My Brother’s Red-Cheek Flowerhorn Fish

I have nothing to do this very afternoon but to dig some memorable images of my Ishy. I just really missing her so much. Well then, even if I grieve much more today, I still can’t get her life back.

So today, I’d like to share to you one of the bubbly-head flowerhorn fish of my brother, Carlo. I took this picture when I went home last August 2011.

Can’t you see? This fish has a very red cheeks. That actually was the first thing that caught my attention. It was really shining sparkling when I see this fish. Thence, while staring at the fish, I remembered, reminisce my Ishy. So sad she died early.


My Brother’s Red-Cheek Flowerhorn Fish — 3 Comments

  1. mao diay ng flowerhorn, Gay? sus wa jud ko tawon nailhan sa mga fish kay di man ko hilig pod ug fish nga i-pet… Arwana ray akong nailhan kay naa sa among office adtong una hahahaha.

    TY sa PF visit Gay. Ahak, mahal japon durian, tag 50 japon pero kilo. hehe

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