Humpy Head Flowerhorn Fish – ISHY

I didn’t notice Ishy’s progress not until M visited me here in my apartment. He was staring at Ishy and trying to play with her and just said that Ishy’s head is getting humpier and humpier every time he comes back here.

Thence, I didn’t hesitate to take pictures of Ishy showing her bulky humpy head.

Aside from that, the scales of Ishy are getting shinier as well. The black conspicuous markings on his body when I first saw her and bought her were all gone after 2 months of rearing her kindly.

Ain’t Ishy getting flawless now? Isn’t she so sexy to look at with her pink glowing body and scales?

If you try to compare Ishy with her previous pictures last June 16, 2011, in this post – My Flowerhorn Fish – ISHY, you’ll surely can see how far she has gone getting so beauteous and sexy.

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