How To Start Aquaculture?

Just recently, aquaculture or aqua farming popped out in my mind to try out as a good hobby and at the same ideal business idea because of the fact that fish consumption is by far healthier than pork and beef and also due to the global climate changes, fishes in their natural habitats are slowly decreasing in number.

This idea which I thought would be effective once I shared to M. And because of his curiosity as well, he keen-fully investigate and ask his network who has knowledge and experiences about aquaculture.

Thence he concluded that it is not as easy as I thought to start aquaculture since a favorable environment where ponds will be situated are needed. The water sources to be used should be carefully eyed at and of course, the source of fish fry. He also added that when he talked to Tilapia fish breeder, the breeder was doing his amplifier; though M wasn’t sure if it was since it looked like a tremendous eventide at Musicians friend and that he felt awkward to talk about fishing where the breeder was busy doing other stuff. But enough that the breeder was friendly, their talk was still smooth.

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