How To Choose Fishes for Home Aquariums

Having an aquarium at home is really a stress-relieving and relaxing feeling. Every time fishes waves their booties and follow your hands as you attempt to feed them, it’s a feeling like being in a spa for an hour of spa.

Yes! It’s because that’s what I felt when I used to have Ishy and other fishes with me in my apartment before.

Oh, by the way, I remember when I was still deciding to have a home aquarium, I really did researches and asked pet shops’ owner how to choose fishes for home aquariums. Many fishes were mentioned but what really made me decide to have Ishy before was the advice of one of those pet shop owners I talked with that I would be successful in rearing fishes if I really have the passion, love and patience and of course, the time to spend with them. For specific fishes, it all depends on what I prefer to have. If thinking of having many fishes, choose those that easily multiply but that also need a bigger space or home aquariums. But if planning to have fishes that do not easily reproduce, fishes that could live longer are the best of choice.

That time, when we were talking, I first didn’t notice a lady wearing nursing clothes in my right side not until she butt-in in the middle of our conversation with the store owner. She jokingly said that she better have janitor fishes on her aquarium then.

Moreover, the store owner offered me a discounted price for Ishy. With that, I then grabbed the opportunity.

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