Holidays is Coming and Fishes need revamp!

I got no aquarium here in our place because, honestly, I can put much attention and time on it since I am having my duties in the hospital and of course, during my vacant days, I also play and catch up with my son. But still, my yearning to have pets at home is still itching and sometimes, I still look for new fishes to rear.

Days to go now and the ‘ber’ months will step in and sure thing, fishes and pets need some revamp. Or should I say, I need to do revamping with my place — to put up pet corner then. But as of now, I will do first shop for holidays decorations. I already sported online at, but haven’t ordered yet since I am still finalizing to what would be the theme of the house for this holidays.

Can you give me some idea then?

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