Goodbye Flowerhorn Fish

Can you still remember the Flowerhorn Fish that I first showed as one of our Fishes at Home?

Yes! That’s it! The biggest flowerhorn fish we have at home. That flowehorn fish finally waved goodbye to my brother, Carlo, and to us yesterday. Smiley A day before I depart from our farm town, the flowerhorn fish suddenly looking about to die. The fish was just floating inside its aquarium.

The death of the flowerhorn fish saddened us a lot, not to think of the bucks spent rearing it, but the love the fish offered to us. The fish was still too small when my brother had it. As I could recall, when I got home, every time I wake up in the morning, I first visit the fish before doing anything else.

Days before the fish was looking sick, it showed no signs of any illnesses. It even reacts like dancing and following ones hands when one approaches near to the fish.

I, myself, can’t explain how I feel coz I have already loved the fish much. Smiley


Goodbye Flowerhorn Fish — 9 Comments

  1. sorry to hear about your flower horn, my sis also had one she took care for five years, but when she left for abroad it died a few months after. 🙁 thanks for visiting..

  2. Friend,

    I too have the same sad news as my Fish died today :(.

    One of my fried also lost his fish a week ago, is there any reason for all these…. Still wondering…..

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