A month ago, I was just amazed, because I didn’t expect it, seeing my medium-sized aquarium having little fishes – baby fishes or fry on it. Mollies or Molly fishes are the one I put there since they are not territorial like my flowerhorn fish, so I put there different breeds of Mollies. I don’t even know if there are preggy Mollies on there or not.

And because, accordingly, either the mommy or daddy fishes would probably eat their babies. Thence, I transferred the babies in a glass with white and some colored stones and freshwater aquarium grasses. The stones are for the freshwater aquarium grasses to hold on to and for decorations as well. While the freshwater aquarium grasses the one’s to provide oxygen for the fry.

Maybe, a month from now, I will be transferring them back to the medium-sized aquarium together with their daddy and mommy.


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  1. im back here again for WW. heheheh… hindi ba mahirap mag alaga ng fish? hihi

    happy WW!

    hope you can visit my entries too 🙂

    hope to see you there, thanks!

  2. College pa lang ako, plan ko bumili ng aquarium; until now hindi pa rin na realize, gosh, it’s more than 5 years na.. hehehe

    My WW entry is up too

  3. really? that is interesting. i only know of cases where mommy dogs eat their young. thanks sa info! hehehe.. nice fishes you have there gay. are you still coming to thailand for the flowerhorns? heheh

  4. Asa bi? Wala koy nakit-an nga baby fishes oi! Or basin halap lang jud ko! Lol.

    Visiting late for Wednesday Whites! My second post of the Milwaukee Art Museum is my share this week. Come and see how white the inside of the museum is! See you!

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