Girls Talk: Dying to Learn

Oh! My bad that I missed the Girls Talk last week. So this time, I shouldn’t be!

Anyway, this week’s GT is kind’a fitted to my latest aim, to learn the techie things of I am dying to learn

This blog, is my fourth blog and I decided to open this here in wordpress. Honestly, I am still a very newbie wordpress blogger because I am used to the blogspot platform and other techie things of it. Guys, pardon me having all the mess here yet.

Hopefully, I can make the goodies here the soon. As of now, I am asking ideas and comments from you on how to make this blog and my wordpress journey the easiest way.

Happy Thursday Girls!!!


Girls Talk: Dying to Learn — 17 Comments

  1. It’s been 3 years since i stop using wp kay lisudan ko..tungod kay I’m so used to blogger pud…then recently kay gusto lagi magpa hosting…me balik kos wp..i would say it’s a lot easier than 3 years ago…especially inig download sa themes…ang super confusing lang gyud kay ang css codes…maka buang….

    I’m sure the u’ll get use to wp ug ma master nana nmo..then patudlo unya me ha hehe…visiting u here from GT

  2. I have 6 self hosted wp blog and yet i still considered my self newbie forever hehehe. lets just learn through experience. iM sure you’ll get a hang of wp before you know it.

  3. now this is something different + i hear you sis, i am also fairly new with wordpress + up to now am still on the learning + unlearning (of the blogger ways, that is!) stage. hopefully we learn just about enough to help us tinker + tweak our blogs in the future…only glad, PMC mommies are very helpful to noobs like us:)
    stopping by from GT!

  4. I’ve been using wordpress since 2009, but only really started exploring the features more a few months ago. I find it fairly user-friendly, and I’m learning more every day. I like browsing the plug ins to see if there is something I’m missing that is awesome. I really like Sexy Bookmarks, it makes it easy to share posts across the various social networking platforms.

  5. hello wordpress na kaayo ka gay! kang kinsa ka nagpa=host? nice ra ang wordpress no? if you get the hang of it, malingaw ra ka! πŸ™‚

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