Circle Tanks and Aquariums are IN!

For every new year, we always hear that circles are in — should I say, round objects, round fruits or even dotted dresses are should be worn during the New Year’s eve for a good luck to come. Is this also applicable to aquarium tanks? I wonder!

Round Aquarium

When an animal-enthusiast friend of mine arranged her tanks at home, she mentioned that her brother’s bass string, the one which is the same Bass Strings at musicians friend is messing on the area of their house where she first planned to position her tanks. But because of that stuff of her brother, she just opt to situate her tanks on another area inside their living room. She also changed almost all of her tanks with a round or circle so to welcome the new year with such.

Well, the arrangement still perfectly looked good with those round tanks. It’s, in fact, way better than her proposed arrangement.

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