Pets and the Gloomy Weather

This morning my family and I were greeted by the lustrous rays of sunlight, an apparent indication of a brilliant Saturday weather ahead. Our Saturday’s routine is packed with various household errands such as cleaning, doing the laundry, and much more since my husband and I work on weekdays. As the clock struck two, however, myself in the lawn tending the flowers in our little garden, clouds began to cover the cerulean skies, a heavy downpour followed right after.


Then again, the sudden changes of weather not only impact our abilities to finish various chores but also endangers the health of many individuals, and our pet animals even. This rainy season it is important to attend to our pets and take good care of them as much as we take care of ourselves and loved ones. As responsible pet owners, it is essential to keep them in a proper shelter, well-fed and relaxed. In addition, present studies show that music indeed helps in animal relaxation, thus we must also engage them in this form of recreation using the best items purchased at guitar center music stores.


Stay indoors and be safe this rainy season.

Goodbye, Cheese!

The sudden death of my nephew’s pet hamster named “cheese” is still haunting him. Whenever we talk and I unconsciously mention the word “cheese,” his mood would immediately change. What once was a jolly kid now turned into a somber soul. He would sob and tears would form eventually in his eyes–an unfortunate sign of grief and sorrow. Well, we cannot blame my 10-year-old  nephew because he has been with cheese for more than a year.

Truly, the untimely death of his pet has put him into a very melancholic state. Many days passed by and we still did not think he has moved on from the premature death of his animal friend. So we decided to take him to a pet shop nearby and told him to choose a new hamster. Surprisingly, he did not select one and hurriedly stormed out of the shop. It looks like he wants me to buy him a new musical instrument at guitar center marietta. My nephew reminds me that we must not dwell in the past but move forward and change our perspectives for us to continue on with our lives. Goodbye, cheese.

Songs for Fish

Nemo has it! Definitely the very reason why kids and especially my little man, Zach, really do love fishes, both stuffed and real ones. In fact, he loved to listen to nursery rhymes with fish illustrations which I downloaded from the internet. And as I have mentioning always, we do not have great-sound system that provides quality music, or even a component of it such as a speaker like power acoustik. So what I just do is to utilize the mobile phone or directly connect a flash drive loaded with number of fish videos and plug and play it then in the television.

Songs for Fish

Just then on, my little boss enjoys songs for fishes and other nursery rhymes.

Let’s Go Sports Fishing

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) maintains records for almost 400 Species of Sport Fish. They are the worlds leading authority on angling and the keeper of world records. Established in 1939 at the Museum of Natural History in New York, the Renowned Ichthyologist ( fish scientist ) William K. Gregory was the associations first President. Prior to this there was no universal code of Sporting ethics Governing Anglers or any sort of guide for Angling pursuit. Some of the founding fathers who obviously had great foresight were Michael Verner, Van Campen Heilner, Clive Firth and, Ernest Hemingway.

Sports FishingPhoto credit

The Headquarters for the IGFA is located in Dania Beach Florida and here can be found their International Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum. Nowhere else on earth can one find such a large assemblage of Exhibits, Sport Fishing Information, Educational Classes, Demonstrations and Interactive Displays. When you first walk into the main entrance it feels as if you are in an incredible Underwater World. Suspended before you are over 170 Species of Game Fish that have earned World Record Status with all the information on when, who, were and, how they were caught. One particular Mount is hard to miss, A 2,664 lb. Great White Shark.

Across the Globe there are many countries and local Anglers Clubs who adhere to and, participate in the IGFA. The true Sport Fish Angler will abide by the standards set forth to keep the records of their catch accurate, fare and, honorable. Many people will tell you they like to fish, some will tell you they Love to fish, others will tell you the Live to fish. Well, these people are in good company. The oldest Anglers Club in America is the Tuna Club of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island in California founded in 1898 and, it’s members through the years have include Zane Grey, Theodore Roosevelt, Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Cecil B. DeMille, Bing Crosby, George S. Patton and, Winston Churchill, just to name a few. So, yes, that’s pretty good company.

It is no wonder why Florida was chosen for the IGFA’s location as, some of world’s best fishing can be found here. However, more exotic locations for Angling are growing in popularity, at least for those who can afford it. One such example is the beautiful Nation of Costa Rica. Their Tropical Coasts offer rich, fertile fishing grounds for a potential World Record Catch. Costa Rica is a safe and friendly place and, they are a member in good standing with the IGFA. As most visiting Anglers are unfamiliar with the waters, a professional Charter Service or Guide is highly recommended. is one of the best in the whole Country, look them up to see all they can offer for a great fishing trip. Billfish such as Marlin, Swordfish and Sailfish are in abundance down here and, it’s IGFA World Record  waiting to happen. Any and all Anglers are encouraged to take the Bait, as it were and, get yourself down to Costa Rica,… you will get hooked!

Relax With Pets at Home

After the celebration of the World Animals Day on October 4, 2014, I thought of setting up some cool yet very relaxing sound system playing continuously beside the aquarium set at home, However, to my disappointment, I forgot I have had no aquarium set yet here. I opted to that because my little son is yet too little, a toddler to be exact, to understand why and how pets at home should be reared.


But what I am thinking now is still to have my sound system, a karaoke system and of course a high-quality microphone like sm58s for my singing sessions at home. But I am not really sure if I could get one then.