Philippine Coral Reefs threatened by El Niño

According the marine scientist, the coral reefs in the world will be facing a threat from bleaching due to El Niño which will be realized in the end part of this year. This news and information does not exclude the Philippine coral reefs.

Philippine Coral Reef (image source and credit)

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SAVE The Philippine Seas and Coral Reefs

If you’re not aware of it, at least today I’ll let you. Don’t you know that the Philippine Seas and Coral Reefs are slowly getting harmed? The natural seawater treasures, marine ecosystem that the Philippines is having has been exploited and most probably would result to devastating irreversible damage to our natural resources. Destruction of the coral reefs, less or even no more marine animals,  no marine lives are just some of the possibilities to happen in the near future.

So today, let’s take this simplest action to help save our Philippine Seas and Coral Reefs even through simple blogging or spreading and shouting through any of our social media channels.

Let’s all save our very own Philippine Seas and Coral Reefs!