Aquarium in the Play Area

I am already trying to fix things for our new abode even just in my mind – just a simple plans yet. Figuring out how things would turn out if these and those will be fixed here and there just to make sure that all of our stuff will all be set inside the house. But there’s only one thing that my little man is always reminding me to have near his play area at home. Do you guys can guess what is it? Smiley

It is actually his indoor aquarium. The good thing is that my hubby designed his toy cabinet and displayer with a heavy duty drawer using a fulterer pantry slide to make sure that our medium-sized aquarium will be displayed in Zach’s cabinet in his play area.

I just so wish that the cabinet won’t break and will serve its purpose for a long time even though we will put a heavy stuff there like the aquarium with water and a number of gold koi fishes inside. I will sure to share here very soon, maybe after the holidays, how this plan would come out. Smiley

New Pets to have

I had been mentioning about the new place where we will be moving in. And since pet dogs are not allowed in the compound, which was my first choice of pet to have, I will be settling for fishes then.

Pet FishesPet Fishes (image from

But this time, flowerhorn fishes are not in my list of pets to have since they are very time and attention consuming. Though I really wanted to have them back, I still can’t because sooner then I will be having a baby which needs my time than those fishes.

So for now, I am thinking of having koi fishes and situate them outside our house, just near the patio. Isn’t that a good idea then?

Colorful Koi Fishes at Home

Should I say, our home in the province is also a home for simple yet extravagantly loved and cared fishes which are very evident through their colors and how they react, physically — very energetic fishes. Such of these fishes are the colorful Koi fishes at home.

Colorful Koi Fishes at HomeColorful Koi Fishes at Home

I remember, when I went to one of the pet shops in Cebu City where they sell Koi fishes, there was one fish that looked differently from the other fishes. It has had a color that is somehow similar to wedding ring titanium. To my surprise, when I asked the attendant, she told me that the color of the fish was titanium.

I wonder if my brother is having that titanium-colored Koi fish too.

Building Ponds at Home

Since we moved to our new house which has a more spacious backyard compared to the old one, mom has been planning already to have artificial streams with small ponds where fishes at home could dwell on. But unfortunately, until now, we haven’t started what we planned. Though we have kept the area clean and ready now, the problem is the materials to be used. We do not know what the ideal and most recommended materials for ponds at home are.

To my curiosity, I really tried hard to browse over the internet what those stuff needed to create a pond at home. Suffice it to say, I’ve stumbled pond liners which are one of the basic requirements in making one. They are used as water retainer to protect the water from spilling out from the stream or the pond.

image from WikiPedia

Pond liners are available in many types. There are plastic pond liners and those rubbery type. The sizes are also in vast range as well as the shapes.

Other materials needed for us to create our water gardens are matting — ideally fiber, concrete and colorful stones. Not to forget also the fishes and water plants and grasses to be used.

I have also read that the ready-made ponds or streams are also very good for aquatic gardens at home. Though these kinds of ponds are really costly, at least building these are not as hassle as starting from the scratch of those ponds.

Hmmm.. This idea made me second thoughts if what’s the best to do now. Should I go for our first plan or made use of those ready-made ponds?