Lucky Number of Gold Fish in Aquarium

I personally don’t believe on ‘lucky charms’ and everything else about being ‘lucky’ coz I know that being ‘lucky’ is just too subjective to pronounce that you are such. But as what mom said, there’s no harm and nothing will be lost if we’ll just follow beliefs. And if things go right, we might be ‘lucky’ then.

Anyways, while thinking of having, or not, new sets of fishes and a big fish aquarium for me here in my new place, a friend reminded me to take note of the lucky number of gold fishes in an aquarium. Though I haven’t mentioned to him what fishes I’ll be picking at, he, I guess, was just assuming that I’ll choosing gold fishes for my new aquarium.

Moreover, it was my first time to hear about certain number of fishes to include in an aquarium, specifically, gold fishes. With my curiosity, I really went back to him, talked and learned more about lucky numbers of gold fishes in an aquarium.

In an aquarium, the lucky number of gold fishes are eight (8) gold fishes and one (1) black gold fish.

Lucky Number of Gold Fish in Aquarium

Opps! As mentioned, inside an aquarium, just eight (8) gold fishes; not like the one above. 🙂

Lucky Number of Gold Fishes in Aquariums

That’s the black gold fish above. 🙂

Pinky Glowy Flowerhorn Fish

I am not sure if fishes get affected with any music being played surrounding them or are their colors are reflective also with the sound vibrations they can perceive.

Hmf! Maybe I am just thinking much of this Pinky Glowy Flowerhorn Fish of my brother.

Pinky Glowy Flowerhorn FishPinky Glowy Flowerhorn Fish

You might be wondering why I mentioned about music and fishes. This is because, as far as I knew from my mom, flowers and trees are affected by the music or any noise in their surroundings, be it in the negative or positive ways. Perhaps made me wonder if fishes are also affected. This also lead me to think if any of the visual sound musicians friend’s list can make any reactions to fishes.

Blue Fighting Fish

Here’s another beautiful Blue Fighting Fish of my brother. If you still remember it, the last Fighting Fish I shared here was the Lavender Fighting Fish. It was also very gorgeous to look at. But I found this one more beautiful than the Lavender.

Blue Fighting FishBlue Fighting Fish

As the fish’ name implies, it should be for fighting against other Fighting fishes. However, my brother don’t want to indulge his fishes to any fighting tournament but only for showcases or other display contests.

Black Angel Fishes

Seeing my brother’s black Angel fishes after he shared some images of it in his facebook account, and if I’d able to avail for any discount macanudo cigars, i rather chose to buy my brother new accessories for his angel fishes at home.

Black Angel Fishes

Black Angel Fishes

Though it’s really difficult to hand-carry with my bags and boxes of fish and aquarium accessories, I will really try harder to shop for aquarium accessories as present for my brother this coming vacation of mine.

Lavender Fighting Fish

I don’t have much idea what Fighting Fishes are for aside from, as its name implies, for fighting. But the fighting fishes of my brother at home are basically just for display and trade shows. Here, I have one of his fighting fishes at home.

Lavender Fighting FishLavender Fighting Fish

The above lavender fighting fish is just one of the many really beauteous fishes of my brother which he doesn’t want to let them fight to other fishes but solely for display. In my upcoming posts, I will show you more fighting fishes of his.