Steel Racking Shelves for Aquariums

At home, to organize the aquariums, my brother utilizes wood shelves for the aquariums. However, materials made of wood do not usually last longer than steels especially when weighty stuff are being kept over it like home aquariums. Perhaps the reason why I thought of steel racking shelves for aquariums at home instead.

Racking Shelves for AquariumsSteel Racking Shelves for Aquariums (image from

I have not shared this idea to my brother nor any member of the family yet. But I am pretty sure they would surely love this idea if I’ll show this one to them. What do you think? Smiley

Deciding for a New Aquarium Set

When I was in Cebu City, I really put up my own aquarium set and of course, a number of different kinds of fishes including flowerhorn fihes. If you could still remember my Ishy, that was she. She was my very first every flowerhorn fish.

Now, that I’ve moved already, I am thinking of having an aquarium again after seeing a lot of aquarium accessories displayed in the mall during my visit there a week ago. It was just an unexpected stop after I dropped by at a store where diamond ring engagement set was sold. The displayed aquarium accessories were sold in a lower price — discounted prices from its original. That was actually the reason why I wanted to set up my aquarium. But I am still hesitant to push through with it or not. I still need more time to think and decide even more.

Aquarium Briefcases for Men

Lately, if you noticed it, I was featuring different styles and ideas of aquariums. Today, I will be sharing to you here an aquarium which really made M laugh and thought of making one. This is an Aquarium Briefcases for Men.

Aquarium Briefcases for MenAquarium briefcases for men (image from

What can you say about the above aquarium that I have shown? Isn’t this very cool and fashionable to have one at home? I want to have one like this.

Flowerhorn Fish At Home

This is another Flowerhorn fish at home. He has a super protuberant – humpy head.

When I saw this one at home last November, I got to miss my dearest Ishy. I wish to have new pet – new fish here in my apartment, however, I am afraid again to loss one more precious pet that would surely be loved. Unlike my brother, I could not give what fishes – Flowerhorn fishes needed in terms of time and proper care because I am having a class and that the whole day, the fish was all alone left at home. This was what happened to Ishy even though how much I wanted to take real good care of her.

Salt Water Fish Tank Aquariums – Are You Ready For The Adventure?

If you’ve ever seen a well-kept aquarium full of salt water fish you know first-hand how stunning it can be. There is a big difference between fresh water tanks and salt water fish tank aquariums, but with the extreme beauty of the salt water kind also comes the hard work.

Just imagine this – you will have to recreate the conditions of the sea and bring this into your home. Nature did a fine job making the ocean a perfect place for these fish and you will have to set up and maintain the aquarium to be as close as possible to this environment.

It isn’t easy but is it worth it? Many think it is and are dedicated to making salt water fish tank aquariums a part of their lifestyle.

Are you up to the challenge?

  • Getting started

You’ll have to get your hands on some reverse-osmosis water. This type of water has no chlorine or other additives, minerals or nutrients. It is neutral and is therefore used as the starting base.

Next you’ll need to add a salt mix and some other additives to get the aquarium to a pH level of 8.3. This level will need to be checked every week and maintained since biological changes will lower this pH. You’ll also have to keep a close eye on the salinity of the water.

There are various test kits you can purchase to use on your salt water fish tank aquariums and these are an important part of the tank maintenance.

You’ll have to read up on the various filtration systems and also learn about the different types of salt water fish that are available. Some fish are naturally aggressive and don’t mix well with other fish and some are hardier than others. It is a good idea to start off with fish that are stronger and more likely to survive the mistakes you may make when setting up the aquarium.

If you’re ready to take responsibility for maintaining a salt water tank get ready for an adventure. There are a lot of things to learn, sure, but the feeling of achievement you’ll get once you’ve got it all set up is indescribable.