Deciding for a New Aquarium Set

When I was in Cebu City, I really put up my own aquarium set and of course, a number of different kinds of fishes including flowerhorn fihes. If you could still remember my Ishy, that was she. She was my very first every flowerhorn fish.

Now, that I’ve moved already, I am thinking of having an aquarium again after seeing a lot of aquarium accessories displayed in the mall during my visit there a week ago. It was just an unexpected stop after I dropped by at a store where diamond ring engagement set was sold. The displayed aquarium accessories were sold in a lower price — discounted prices from its original. That was actually the reason why I wanted to set up my aquarium. But I am still hesitant to push through with it or not. I still need more time to think and decide even more.

Pinky Glowy Flowerhorn Fish

I am not sure if fishes get affected with any music being played surrounding them or are their colors are reflective also with the sound vibrations they can perceive.

Hmf! Maybe I am just thinking much of this Pinky Glowy Flowerhorn Fish of my brother.

Pinky Glowy Flowerhorn FishPinky Glowy Flowerhorn Fish

You might be wondering why I mentioned about music and fishes. This is because, as far as I knew from my mom, flowers and trees are affected by the music or any noise in their surroundings, be it in the negative or positive ways. Perhaps made me wonder if fishes are also affected. This also lead me to think if any of the visual sound musicians friend’s list can make any reactions to fishes.

Flowerhorn Fry

Ain’t it real obvious that our family loves to have fishes? In fact, aside from taking care and providing incomparable love and attention to our adult fishes at home, we also rear baby fishes or those fry especially flowerhorn fry.

Flowerhorn FryFlowerhorn Fry

See those flowerhorn fry above? They are just some of our baby flowerhorn fishes at home. My brother said that if the mommy flowerhorn will give birth to a number of flowerhorn fry soon, he will sell some of it. Should you want to buy flowerhorn fry, feel free to contact us.

2012 Lucky Pets/Animals at Home — Flowerhorn Fishes

Flowerhorn fishes are said to be one of the luckiest pets or animals when reared at home. Emoticon

I am planning to have a new sets of flowerhorn fishes in our apartment this coming new year — 2012. Since Ishy died, I did not buy new one, but for now, I guess, it’s already time to have new fishy pets at home.

Sometimes, I am thinking to bring Kenet, my pet dog, in Cebu City instead. But with the very sweet and cuddly attitude of Kenet, I don’t think I could give her enough time that she is longing for from me unlike when she’s just here in our house where other member of the family can play with her and take care of her as well.

So I guess, a flowerhorn fish would be enough then.