BlogThings – I am a Sea Horse

This is my very first time to join BlogThings for my Off course, I love ocean – the waters, so I chose the watery animal topics. And here below was  my result.

You are a powerful and graceful creature. You always keep your wits about you.
>>yay! Am I? Really? A powerful and graceful one? But somehow, as many said, I am kind’a witty!

Most people consider you to be lucky. You have been especially fortunate when it comes to romance.
>>Funny but true! I love M! And I am very happy having and being with him.

You are friendly and generous. You enjoy spreading the wealth around, especially to those down on their luck.
>>Sharing is loving, isn’t it?

You are calm and persistent. If you’re faced with a problem, you know the most important thing is to not give up.
>>ALWAYS! I am exactly like this!

What about you? Can you share what sea animal creature are you? Try to check it out and share to me! Telling you, it’s fun! Enjoy blogging!