GARY, The Chocolate-Loving Fish

Fishes are very picky, like me, in terms of food choices. Off course, they’re ain’t human, they’re animals, they’re fishes. LOL!

I was thinking and planning to change the diet preferences of  Ishy before I let her be adopted for a while to her foster master. However, I was hesitant to try because I am afraid that she might get ill or something if I’d do unusual to her. But now, after reading about Gary, the fish who has been fed my his master/owner with chocolates, which Gary found real yummy on that, I am heading up to my first plan now. Yay!


Gary is a chocolate-fed gourami. According to Gary’s master, he has been growing healthy with no illnesses at all. He has been fed by kit kat wafers.

This info made me think to give Ishy a try of feeding her other foodies not just merely food fishes. Hmp!