Stones and Pebbles for Aquariums

Stones and pebbles are used to decorate aquariums. These are of different colors, sizes and shapes. Aside from the beauty they provide on the aquarium’s environment, they also give perfect hue that is conducive for living.

Stones and Pebbles for Aquariums

I actually just recently added white pebbles to my simple garden pond from recycled tires.  Those are just given to me by my aunt since their aquarium fishes died, the reasons I did not asked anymore. Knowing that then, I made sure to disinfect the pebbles before using them. I first washed those with soap and water added with chlorine and zonrox. Then I dried them under the heat of the sun for a day. And a day after, a washed those again with water and soap, dried under the heat of the sun and put them all in our simple garden pond from recycled tires.

Fish Aquarium Flooring

I love to have pets of different kinds. But in terms of keeping their homes beauteous and elegantly looking, I don’t have much clever hands on that. So to satisfy myself in planning to have my own fish aquarium at home, I sported for fish aquarium flooring online.

Fish Aquarium FlooringFish Aquarium Flooring (image from

Many said it is best to use stone pebbles as fish aquarium flooring. Others also said to put mattress on the deepest part of the aquarium. But I wonder if a piece of torn memory foam mattress can be used.

Anyways, of all the ideas I stumbled upon, I might utilize pebbles, instead.


A month ago, I was just amazed, because I didn’t expect it, seeing my medium-sized aquarium having little fishes – baby fishes or fry on it. Mollies or Molly fishes are the one I put there since they are not territorial like my flowerhorn fish, so I put there different breeds of Mollies. I don’t even know if there are preggy Mollies on there or not.

And because, accordingly, either the mommy or daddy fishes would probably eat their babies. Thence, I transferred the babies in a glass with white and some colored stones and freshwater aquarium grasses. The stones are for the freshwater aquarium grasses to hold on to and for decorations as well. While the freshwater aquarium grasses the one’s to provide oxygen for the fry.

Maybe, a month from now, I will be transferring them back to the medium-sized aquarium together with their daddy and mommy.