Getting to Know Your Aquarium’s Water Quality

Whether you have a small fish bowl or huge wall aquarium, every tank should have a specialized habitat that supports various animals and plants. In fact, an aquarium’s water quality is comparable to the clean air that people breathe. The water must be pure enough, so that fish can absorb oxygen and live healthy lives. Get to know your aquarium’s water quality, and your fish will have longer lifespans as a result.

Invest in a Water Kit

Water may be one of the most basic substances on Earth, but it does change over time when you add living animals and plants to a given habitat. To really care professionally for your aquarium, purchase a water kit. These kits consist of several tools that measure pH, nitrates and ammonia levels. You should check the water on a weekly basis by using these kits and alter the levels accordingly.

Aquarium Water

Add a Thermometer

The aquarium may be located in a comfortable area within the home, but you should still check the water temperature each day. Specialized aquarium thermometers can rest within the water so that you can instantly see the habitat’s temperature. Your fish will only be comfortable within a certain temperature range. Adjust the habitat’s temperature whenever necessary, and you’ll have fish with long lifespans.

Observe the Fish

If your aquarium doesn’t have a relatively perfect water environment, you’ll notice marked differences in your fishes’ behaviors. They’ll appear sluggish with possible growths hanging off of their bodies. Test your water at the first sign of these issues. Changes in pH and other factors should be performed to alleviate the fishes’ stress levels.

Replace the Filter Each Month

Aside from monitoring the water quality on daily and weekly schedules, you should also perform a monthly cleaning service. The aquarium’s filter needs to be cleaned or replaced so that the water can remain as clean as possible. Clean other items and add some new water to the tank too. Your water environment should be clear with healthy fish after performing basic cleaning tasks.

Every aquarium has a distinct design to please the eyes, but they all have the same basic functions. Click here to browse through several fish tanks that can work for any home or business. Aquariums encourage relaxed minds when people stare at them on a regular basis. An entire room can be transformed with just one small fish bowl.

Aquarium in the Play Area

I am already trying to fix things for our new abode even just in my mind – just a simple plans yet. Figuring out how things would turn out if these and those will be fixed here and there just to make sure that all of our stuff will all be set inside the house. But there’s only one thing that my little man is always reminding me to have near his play area at home. Do you guys can guess what is it? Smiley

It is actually his indoor aquarium. The good thing is that my hubby designed his toy cabinet and displayer with a heavy duty drawer using a fulterer pantry slide to make sure that our medium-sized aquarium will be displayed in Zach’s cabinet in his play area.

I just so wish that the cabinet won’t break and will serve its purpose for a long time even though we will put a heavy stuff there like the aquarium with water and a number of gold koi fishes inside. I will sure to share here very soon, maybe after the holidays, how this plan would come out. Smiley

Aquarium Without Air Pump

Here in the province, rotating brown-out is still experienced by every electric consumers. Aside from the home appliances that will sure to get affected from the abrupt change of the electric current, our fishes in the aquariums are also affected as their air pump is stopped.

Aquarium Without Air PumpImage is not mine

During the last black out here in the area, I just found one dc12v power supply which is supposed to be for keyboards. But I tried it for aquarium air pumps, and good to see that it was working. At least the fishes has air supplies then.

Sound System for Home Aquariums

Music has always been a good stuff not just for humans to relax and feel comfortable, but also to fishes and other animals. In fact, I personally have visited several pet shops here in Metro Manila which install sound system and play relaxing music for their for sale animals. This then gave me idea that when I have my own aquarium soon, I will also include installing a sound system for my pet fishes.

Sound System for Home Aquariums

But of course, this time, I will be installing a water-proof sound system then. I want to have the sound system inside the aquarium instead.

Well, as other usual or regular sound system has, this water-proof sound system for home aquariums also compose of a number of components which include a 2-ai digital mixer. I am not sure yet if any mixer would be compatible for this water-proof sound system, but I will look for one that would surely fit then.

Anyhow,  I will keep you guys posted of my aquarium journey to creation here in my fish blog.

Assembling New Aquarium

I am planning to assemble new aquarium sets at home in Metro Manila as soon as we fly back there because I noticed my little man enjoyed it so much having an aquarium with live fishes in there here in the province. In fact, when my brother was assembling new aquarium set, actually, an additional aquarium set here, he was curiously watching and thought like he wanted to join to his uncle doing the aquarium.

Assembling Aquarium

Because my little son really wanted to help and copy what his uncle was doing, while my brother was filling the aquarium with water, my brother was using a water pedal controller in controlling the amount of water coming inside the aquarium; that instance also, my little man picked the pm7 and used as a pedal on his own while copying what his uncle was doing.

Anyway, surely, I will assemble one at home soon.