DIY: Aquarium Stand

Because the holiday season is coming near, I have decided to browse on as many woodworking website as I can, as I am planning to do my own aquarium stand. In this way, I can save some amount of money for the stand cost and have it used in buying gifts for my loved ones.

Aquarium Stand
I am not good at woodworking but to my desire to save money, I managed to do some research.

However, the required tools to use for my DIY aquarium stand made me think that I should forget saving some amount and work a little more to earn extra for my holiday shopping.

Aquarium Tray Repair

I just shared in my previous posts in my other blog how ‘trying hard’ I was in doing some home repairs here in our new place.

Home Repair Home Repair (image from

Yes, and again, I tried doing the aquarium tray myself. But because of my bumps, only limited stuff were perfectly done as I assumed. Not all the manly tasks were done but at least, I’ve made a few. After doing those, I still realized I need a more professional worker to do the welding of the cloth hangers or maybe, a welding supply company to provide me materials and safety and protective devices so I can work on them then.

Actually, M was somehow angry when he knew I was working on some manly tasks at home because he was afraid if there might be something bad to happen to me and to our baby. That basically one of the things I learned — I should have just waited for him to do all those tasks.

Recycled Aquarium Stand

Recycled materials are also good idea to be used at home. This does not exclude aquarium stands.

Recycled Aquarium Stand

Yes, you heard me right. To be able to maximize all the stuff that are not working already at home, we thought of still using them, not its usual use but in other ways. We actually have old music converter, the one looking the same like behringer ada8000 ultragain pro 8-ch a/d & d/a converter at musician’s friend, which M thought of utilizing it as a recycled aquarium stand. We have not installed the converter as an aquarium stand yet, we still carefully planning for it. Other stuff that we are thinking of recycling are those old cabinets and plastic containers where we can also use as breeding place for other fishes.

Aquarium Trays

Aquariums, even those just at home, should also be placed in shelves or trays that are presentable and are of good quality. In fact, I have known many fish-lovers who work hard not just on making their aquariums looking great and their fishes to be healthy, but also on the aquariums shelves and trays where aquariums are placed at.

One of the ideal types of aquarium trays is steel type to ensure long lasting capability of the tray. I’ve even seen steel trays which are designed and built with the use of steel slotted spring pins on its edges which are looking the side like those spring pins at

Many are also making use of wood trays and shelve especially those who are in a tight budget because, basically, wood trays are far cheaper than steel trays.