Recycled Aquarium Trays

With my busy schedule, I cannot steal a time to go to the pet stores to sport for the best and most appropriate materials and equipment for our planned aquarium. So I always end up recycling anything I can grab from our storage room.

The image above is not mine. I just saw that while browsing over the internet and gave me brilliant idea to what stuff from our storage room to perfectly utilize to have an aquarium and stray. For the tray, I have found a board that looking like a raxxess at It’s a square, measuring approximately 12 inches by 12 inches. Perhaps I can use it as a tray where I can put the aquarium on – to elevate it from the main cabinet.

At least with these, I can slowly manage to have my son his longtime yearning to have his own aquarium and fishes on it.


Aquarium in the Play Area

I am already trying to fix things for our new abode even just in my mind – just a simple plans yet. Figuring out how things would turn out if these and those will be fixed here and there just to make sure that all of our stuff will all be set inside the house. But there’s only one thing that my little man is always reminding me to have near his play area at home. Do you guys can guess what is it? Smiley

It is actually his indoor aquarium. The good thing is that my hubby designed his toy cabinet and displayer with a heavy duty drawer using a fulterer pantry slide to make sure that our medium-sized aquarium will be displayed in Zach’s cabinet in his play area.

I just so wish that the cabinet won’t break and will serve its purpose for a long time even though we will put a heavy stuff there like the aquarium with water and a number of gold koi fishes inside. I will sure to share here very soon, maybe after the holidays, how this plan would come out. Smiley

Sound System for Home Aquariums

Music has always been a good stuff not just for humans to relax and feel comfortable, but also to fishes and other animals. In fact, I personally have visited several pet shops here in Metro Manila which install sound system and play relaxing music for their for sale animals. This then gave me idea that when I have my own aquarium soon, I will also include installing a sound system for my pet fishes.

Sound System for Home Aquariums

But of course, this time, I will be installing a water-proof sound system then. I want to have the sound system inside the aquarium instead.

Well, as other usual or regular sound system has, this water-proof sound system for home aquariums also compose of a number of components which include a 2-ai digital mixer. I am not sure yet if any mixer would be compatible for this water-proof sound system, but I will look for one that would surely fit then.

Anyhow,  I will keep you guys posted of my aquarium journey to creation here in my fish blog.

Circle Tanks and Aquariums are IN!

For every new year, we always hear that circles are in — should I say, round objects, round fruits or even dotted dresses are should be worn during the New Year’s eve for a good luck to come. Is this also applicable to aquarium tanks? I wonder!

Round Aquarium

When an animal-enthusiast friend of mine arranged her tanks at home, she mentioned that her brother’s bass string, the one which is the same Bass Strings at musicians friend is messing on the area of their house where she first planned to position her tanks. But because of that stuff of her brother, she just opt to situate her tanks on another area inside their living room. She also changed almost all of her tanks with a round or circle so to welcome the new year with such.

Well, the arrangement still perfectly looked good with those round tanks. It’s, in fact, way better than her proposed arrangement.

Ensuring Aquarium Tables

I have a friend who owns an aquarium table which she used it in her boutique. One day, she noticed that one of the bolts of the table loosen up and since she was almost in panicking to what to do and she has had nothing to think of who to call at, she immediately made a ring on me and shared what happened to her aquarium table. After that conversation, I just told her I will try to look for someone or something to make her table working again since it is an aquarium table and it needs proper tools and really good materials for it.

Aquarium Tables

Her aquarium table is somehow looking like the image above but that is not hers.

Immediately then, I browsed over the internet and look for ideas on what to do.There are actually a lot of pieces of advices I picked which even made me confused on what to do and what to have. When I got to decide and properly planned for my visit to the boutique, I made sure to have all materials needed and I also checked for the nth times how to properly install those stuff and so I went to this site and followed what has been posted about the materials that we needed.