Traveling with Pets

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We just recently back from a family vacation and since it was very difficult for us to leave our cuddly and lovely pet dogs, we were of no choice but to have them with us.

Before we have finally decided to bring our pet with us, it made a big discussion for I and my hubby since that travel was our first ever to have our pet with us. We do not have clues on how to manage pets when traveling and on how to take the best of care to our car. One of the things we first argued with was on how we carry our dog. Will we just have the dog bare on our car seats or to have it with socks on? Or should we get a carrier for our dog? Another thing which worried us much was our car seats – on how are we going to handle in case of fallen fur sticks to it. The possible scratches on the car by those little paws also fret us on how can we prevent those.

Eventually, that stuff mentioned above were trimmed down to having our dog a pet carrier, which my hubby lurked from several websites on the internet. Additionally, has also mentioned some tips on how to maintain your cars still great looking after a long vacation and when traveling with pets.

Importance of Knowing Your Dog’s Actions

Our little “Teena” is ever growing. Her sleek fur is shinier as ever and her eyes are shining too! We nourish her with milk and the best dog food we can get from the market. We also give her a nice, cool bath daily and a brief walk in the neighborhood. Caring for Teena has become a family bonding. During weekends, my hubby and my son would play with her, my son even talks to her. She responds by wagging her tail and jumping.

Dogs Language

We sometimes teach her tricks and when she gets it right, we reward her with dog treats. Teena loves music as well! Every time my husband puts something on the speakers, she goes all hyped up! There was even one time when my son played his toy guitar, one that looks so real and similar to those sold at the largest online music store, Teena responded cheerfully by jumping up and down and bows down after. These dog actions performed by Teena help us knowing what she wants. It is important to know these dog actions because these communicate how dogs really feel. Moreover, knowing such builds and improves our relationship with them.

No Lassie’s Here

According to the American Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel club and the UK Kennel Club the German Shepherd Dog Breed has consistently placed a spot in the top list of most popular dogs. In spite of this popularity many people are not acquainted with the remarkable history of this dog.

It only dates back to 1899 as selectively and distinctly the Shepherd Breed. A one Mr. Horand Von Grafrath recognized the incredible intelligence of one particular Dog named Hektor and through selective and careful breeding, he was the first to declare the new German Shepherd Dog.

Because of its desirable traits, it quickly spread throughout Germany as the Working Dog of choice. Indeed, few dogs offer such Intelligence, Strength, Loyalty and, Ability to be trained as the German shepherd. In the United States you can thank the Hollywood Film Industry for Rin Tin Tin, a movie about a Hero Dog, and of-course he was a German shepherd. This 1922 film was so popular it earned this dog a Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and the “rest”, as they say, “is history”. This Breed is so adaptable you will find it in wide variety of important services.

The fact that they are inherently loyal and protective has made them the most popular Guard Dog in the World. Their superior keen sense of smell accounts for their use as best sniffing Dogs for Drugs, Explosives, Cadavers, Buried Survivors and, tracking. Their ability to be trained for specific tasks makes them the leader in service Dogs for the Disabled.

As a family pet it can be as kind, loving, and gentle as any other breed if it is raised as a puppy for this role. However, it can be trained as a powerful aggressive Attack Dog and this makes them perfect for the use by the Police and Military. Much like a human child, as a puppy, it will grow up to be what it is trained to be. Because of the German Shepherds popularity, many Kennel’s and Breeders deal exclusive in raising, training and, selling of this very special Breed of Dog.

In Canada, an example of a fine kennel can be found at, In the United States, there are also many Kennels to choose from dealing in only German Shepherds and, the same is true for the UK. It is true that the German shepherd accounts for largest number of recorded dog bites; however, we must take into consideration that, this is primarily because there are more of them. The second thing would be lack of proper training. Left unchecked, the German shepherd can be overly protective of the family it loves so dearly and will not warm up to strangers readily. In realty, they are just as warm, calm and good with children as any other breed; it’s all about the way they were brought up. If you are looking for a new Family Pet, the German shepherd is as good as it gets!

Emergency Vet

It’s never to see our pets like dogs and cats suffer from difficulty of breathing acutely then and we can’t think of any even better things to do due to panic and nervousness. But of course, as their higher minds — what we can do to our pets is just simply contacting an emergency vet.

Emergency Vet

Emergency vet, moreover, are like emergency human doctors who can, by and by, attend to our every pets’ needs. For instance, if our pets showed difficulty of breathing — like we can hear then grunting, a sign of low oxygen in the body because as just a few minutes without oxygen is fatal for a dog or to any pets, the emergency vets can provide apparatus to assist the comfort in breathing of our pets by providing oxygen then. I am not honestly familiar with the names of those apparatus they used but I have seen, one time, how those vets work in emergency cases of those pets especially dogs and cats.

Furthermore, emergency vets are just around the corner and they can be contacted anytime. Of course, in every places, emergency vets have different contact details to look for, so I guess, to every pet lovers, it is better to have your emergency vets contact information at your lists then.

4 Ways to Spoil Your Dog Rotten

He’s soft. He’s cuddly. He’s your best friend. Why not pamper him a little to show how much you care? Here are four ideas for giving your dog the royal treatment.

1: Buy Him A Bed

Luxury dog furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, but nothing will spoil him more than his own miniature bed. Fluff the mattress; sand the frame; put his favorite cuddly toys within reach in case he wants company in the night.

2: Keep Him By Your Side

The right carrier will allow your dog to travel with you everywhere you go. You can even take him to a doggie spa if you both want to get your nails clipped and treated!

3: Expand His Wardrobe

Doggie clothes are a booming business among high-class pet owners, but even if you aren’t interested in tiny sweaters and booties, you can still outfit him with a gorgeous collar that shows the world your pooch is claimed and beloved.

4: Give Him His Own Space

It’s understandable if you don’t want your dog to have the run of the house, but you also don’t want to force him into a quarantine. A happy compromise is to purchase a puppy playpen where he can roam free in his own area to his heart’s content.

No one thinks twice about spoiling children, so don’t let anyone judge you for spoiling your furry little baby, either. Follow these tips to love your dog just as unconditionally as he loves you.