Building Ponds at Home

Since we moved to our new house which has a more spacious backyard compared to the old one, mom has been planning already to have artificial streams with small ponds where fishes at home could dwell on. But unfortunately, until now, we haven’t started what we planned. Though we have kept the area clean and ready now, the problem is the materials to be used. We do not know what the ideal and most recommended materials for ponds at home are.

To my curiosity, I really tried hard to browse over the internet what those stuff needed to create a pond at home. Suffice it to say, I’ve stumbled pond liners which are one of the basic requirements in making one. They are used as water retainer to protect the water from spilling out from the stream or the pond.

image from WikiPedia

Pond liners are available in many types. There are plastic pond liners and those rubbery type. The sizes are also in vast range as well as the shapes.

Other materials needed for us to create our water gardens are matting — ideally fiber, concrete and colorful stones. Not to forget also the fishes and water plants and grasses to be used.

I have also read that the ready-made ponds or streams are also very good for aquatic gardens at home. Though these kinds of ponds are really costly, at least building these are not as hassle as starting from the scratch of those ponds.

Hmmm.. This idea made me second thoughts if what’s the best to do now. Should I go for our first plan or made use of those ready-made ponds?

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