Aquarium Accessory Shopping

When I had my 5-day vacation last week at home, I and my mom had a chance to visit one of the big pet shops in Davao City. Since my brother asked my mom to buy some fish foods for his fishes, we considered it the best day to drop by and shop for some goodies then.

I bought a battery-operated submersible water air-pump. I have been looking for such item here in Cebu but failed to find one. Since I already gotten there and found an air-pump, I really made sure not to forget to grab.

However, just when I stepped out from the plane during my flight back here in Cebu last Tuesday, I just remembered that I forgot to get the air-pump from where my mom has placed it near the aquarium shelf of my brother. Smiley

That was a big mistake I did – forgetting what I was excited to use for. Grrrrr..

Anyway, aside from shopping for some aquarium accessories, I and my mom also took some time to buy toys for my niece and nephews and also, we check for new shoes and other footwear. I was planning to buy shoes on sale but since I only have a limited bucks in my wallet, my eyes were just only until staring at those lovely shoes I saw. If and only if I have Footsmart coupons or Zappos shoes coupons, I really won’t hesitate to grab all of the shoes that I love. Coupons, for instance, from those mentioned above, are very helpful to those shoppers, like me, because of the discounted and promo items offered. Those coupons are also suitable and available to be used to many shopping centers and malls in the world.


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