Importance of Knowing Your Dog’s Actions

Our little “Teena” is ever growing. Her sleek fur is shinier as ever and her eyes are shining too! We nourish her with milk and the best dog food we can get from the market. We also give her a nice, cool bath daily and a brief walk in the neighborhood. Caring for Teena has become a family bonding. During weekends, my hubby and my son would play with her, my son even talks to her. She responds by wagging her tail and jumping.

Dogs Language

We sometimes teach her tricks and when she gets it right, we reward her with dog treats. Teena loves music as well! Every time my husband puts something on the speakers, she goes all hyped up! There was even one time when my son played his toy guitar, one that looks so real and similar to those sold at the largest online music store, Teena responded cheerfully by jumping up and down and bows down after. These dog actions performed by Teena help us knowing what she wants. It is important to know these dog actions because these communicate how dogs really feel. Moreover, knowing such builds and improves our relationship with them.

Goodbye, Cheese!

The sudden death of my nephew’s pet hamster named “cheese” is still haunting him. Whenever we talk and I unconsciously mention the word “cheese,” his mood would immediately change. What once was a jolly kid now turned into a somber soul. He would sob and tears would form eventually in his eyes–an unfortunate sign of grief and sorrow. Well, we cannot blame my 10-year-old  nephew because he has been with cheese for more than a year.

Truly, the untimely death of his pet has put him into a very melancholic state. Many days passed by and we still did not think he has moved on from the premature death of his animal friend. So we decided to take him to a pet shop nearby and told him to choose a new hamster. Surprisingly, he did not select one and hurriedly stormed out of the shop. It looks like he wants me to buy him a new musical instrument at guitar center marietta. My nephew reminds me that we must not dwell in the past but move forward and change our perspectives for us to continue on with our lives. Goodbye, cheese.