Simple Garden Pond from Recycled Tires

When we moved here in our new simple place, there’s an old really huge tire. I was at first hesitant to what would be the best thing to do for this. I first thought of throwing this or letting the garbage men pick this up. But a friendly neighbor of ours here suggested to reuse and recycle this tire as a small pond.

What a great idea that was. So here below it is.

Simple Garden Pond from Recycled TiresThe image above is the huge tire with water and fishes on it. I also placed the potted bamboo plants inside the tire so to add beauty on it.

Simple Garden Pond from Recycled Tires

Look here’s my little one feeding the fishes. He actually do this every first hour of the morning.

Reusing Old Tires as Fish Ponds

There are a lot of reusable stuff at home including reusuable shopping bags as what I usually use every time I go shopping or doing the grocery, reusable and recyclable bottles and cans and the last, but definitely not the least reusable one that I am excited to use are the old tires as fish pond.

Reusing Old TiresImage from

Yes! You heard that right! Since it is not good to burn these tires nor just dump these as these will be the best breeding place of mosquitoes, I and hubby just thought of having our little one a pond here in our side yard, just in our flower garden. We do have an aquarium here but having an aquarium is sure to occupy a space here in our small yet livable abode. So we decided to try out ponds in our yard.

For now, I cannot share a picture of it since we are not done with the landscaping and designing the yard. But we already installed the old tires and had a number of fishes on there already. Soon enough, I can share to you some pictures.