Aquarium in the Play Area

I am already trying to fix things for our new abode even just in my mind – just a simple plans yet. Figuring out how things would turn out if these and those will be fixed here and there just to make sure that all of our stuff will all be set inside the house. But there’s only one thing that my little man is always reminding me to have near his play area at home. Do you guys can guess what is it? Smiley

It is actually his indoor aquarium. The good thing is that my hubby designed his toy cabinet and displayer with a heavy duty drawer using a fulterer pantry slide to make sure that our medium-sized aquarium will be displayed in Zach’s cabinet in his play area.

I just so wish that the cabinet won’t break and will serve its purpose for a long time even though we will put a heavy stuff there like the aquarium with water and a number of gold koi fishes inside. I will sure to share here very soon, maybe after the holidays, how this plan would come out. Smiley

Aquarium Without Air Pump

Here in the province, rotating brown-out is still experienced by every electric consumers. Aside from the home appliances that will sure to get affected from the abrupt change of the electric current, our fishes in the aquariums are also affected as their air pump is stopped.

Aquarium Without Air PumpImage is not mine

During the last black out here in the area, I just found one dc12v power supply which is supposed to be for keyboards. But I tried it for aquarium air pumps, and good to see that it was working. At least the fishes has air supplies then.