Sound System for Home Aquariums

Music has always been a good stuff not just for humans to relax and feel comfortable, but also to fishes and other animals. In fact, I personally have visited several pet shops here in Metro Manila which install sound system and play relaxing music for their for sale animals. This then gave me idea that when I have my own aquarium soon, I will also include installing a sound system for my pet fishes.

Sound System for Home Aquariums

But of course, this time, I will be installing a water-proof sound system then. I want to have the sound system inside the aquarium instead.

Well, as other usual or regular sound system has, this water-proof sound system for home aquariums also compose of a number of components which include a 2-ai digital mixer. I am not sure yet if any mixer would be compatible for this water-proof sound system, but I will look for one that would surely fit then.

Anyhow,  I will keep you guys posted of my aquarium journey to creation here in my fish blog.

Read this before you buy a fish finder

A fish finder can be a very important tool when it comes to successful fishing trips, whether you are an amateur or a more seasoned angler.  They can help you to see fish and hidden structures that you can’t see from your boat.  However, buying the right fish finder for you isn’t necessarily as straightforward as you might think.  Not all devices are created equal.  Let’s look at the three common mistakes buyers make that can result in purchasing the wrong fish finder and how to avoid them.

Fish Finder

Opting out of the GPS

Some fish finders available at sites like come with GPS capabilities, and some don’t.  It can be daunting to choose a fish finder amongst all of the options and features.  Which features do you need?  Which do you not need?  One feature that you should not opt out of is GPS capability.  There are several reasons for this.

First, should you encounter an emergency situation while on the water, it may be a challenge to successfully navigate your way home.  A GPS system can both guide you back to your home shores and provide rescue crews with your co-ordinates.

In some cases, the GPS feature on your fish finder will allow you to create your own maps.  This is awesome if you frequent uncharted waters, as you can create a map that you can use again and again.

On the downside, a fish finder with GPS features will cost a few dollars more – sometimes up to about 50 percent more than the cost of a unit without this feature.  However, when you consider the added convenience and safety that a built-in GPS offers, it’s easy to see how spending the extra money is a good investment.

Choosing the wrong sonar version

All fish finders work by way of sonar technology, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same.  There are two types of sonar:  Down Scan and Side Scan.  Basically, Down Scan sends the signal directly below the boat, while Side Scan (as you might expect) broadcasts the sonar signal on an angle out to the sides of the boat.  Down Scan sonar is more focused, allowing you to see more detail, and accurate in deep water. However, it can be too powerful to be effective in shallow waters, causing the image to be blurry.  Also, because Down Scan sonar is so focused in its scope, it can be easy to miss activity on the sides of the boat.

Side Scan sonar is effective at scanning large areas of water in a single pass, sometimes up to 100 feet at a time. Also, because side scan does not require you to manoeuvre the boat directly over the area of interest, you can get readings without disturbing the waters.  These units are also quieter.  However, Side Sonar is less effective in deep water.


Choosing a portable fish finder to save money

When you go shopping for a fish finder, you will have the option to purchase a portable unit.  This can be a tempting offer, because portable units are much cheaper than others, but if price is the only criteria you are using on which to base this decision, you could be making a mistake.  A portable unit has some shortcomings that could end up costing you more money and causing frustration down the road.

When choosing a fish finder for your needs, avoid making these three common mistakes at all costs.  Weigh the pros and cons of each option, know your fishing habits and needs, and you’ll be sure to choose the right fish finder for you.

Let’s Go Sports Fishing

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) maintains records for almost 400 Species of Sport Fish. They are the worlds leading authority on angling and the keeper of world records. Established in 1939 at the Museum of Natural History in New York, the Renowned Ichthyologist ( fish scientist ) William K. Gregory was the associations first President. Prior to this there was no universal code of Sporting ethics Governing Anglers or any sort of guide for Angling pursuit. Some of the founding fathers who obviously had great foresight were Michael Verner, Van Campen Heilner, Clive Firth and, Ernest Hemingway.

Sports FishingPhoto credit

The Headquarters for the IGFA is located in Dania Beach Florida and here can be found their International Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum. Nowhere else on earth can one find such a large assemblage of Exhibits, Sport Fishing Information, Educational Classes, Demonstrations and Interactive Displays. When you first walk into the main entrance it feels as if you are in an incredible Underwater World. Suspended before you are over 170 Species of Game Fish that have earned World Record Status with all the information on when, who, were and, how they were caught. One particular Mount is hard to miss, A 2,664 lb. Great White Shark.

Across the Globe there are many countries and local Anglers Clubs who adhere to and, participate in the IGFA. The true Sport Fish Angler will abide by the standards set forth to keep the records of their catch accurate, fare and, honorable. Many people will tell you they like to fish, some will tell you they Love to fish, others will tell you the Live to fish. Well, these people are in good company. The oldest Anglers Club in America is the Tuna Club of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island in California founded in 1898 and, it’s members through the years have include Zane Grey, Theodore Roosevelt, Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Cecil B. DeMille, Bing Crosby, George S. Patton and, Winston Churchill, just to name a few. So, yes, that’s pretty good company.

It is no wonder why Florida was chosen for the IGFA’s location as, some of world’s best fishing can be found here. However, more exotic locations for Angling are growing in popularity, at least for those who can afford it. One such example is the beautiful Nation of Costa Rica. Their Tropical Coasts offer rich, fertile fishing grounds for a potential World Record Catch. Costa Rica is a safe and friendly place and, they are a member in good standing with the IGFA. As most visiting Anglers are unfamiliar with the waters, a professional Charter Service or Guide is highly recommended. is one of the best in the whole Country, look them up to see all they can offer for a great fishing trip. Billfish such as Marlin, Swordfish and Sailfish are in abundance down here and, it’s IGFA World Record  waiting to happen. Any and all Anglers are encouraged to take the Bait, as it were and, get yourself down to Costa Rica,… you will get hooked!

Great Tips on Using Spinner Baits

For most people, finding a hobby is the best way to relieve some of the stress that they have in their daily life. There are so many different hobbies out there and finding the right one will usually require a person to do a bit of research. Among the most enjoyable activities a person can participate in is fishing. In order to be successful in this sport, you will have to do some homework to figure out the best plan of attack. Getting the best fishing apps and the right bait are two important factors in having success early on. The following are a few tips to use when trying to be successful with spinner bait.

Spinner Baits

Photo credit

Avoid Light Baits to Begin With
One of the first things to consider when first starting to use these baits is using a heavier bait. Trying to use lightweight bait will create a number of issues for a person such as tangling. By using a heavier lure, you will be able to cast much easier and get the results you are looking for. Finding the right bait will usually be a process of trial and error.

Don’t Get to Crazy with Colors
Another very important thing you have to consider when trying to get the right spinner baits is the colors you will use. Usually, a beginner in the spinner bait world will need to use darker and more reserved coloring with their bait. As a fisherman gets better with using these baits, they will be able to start using a wider array of colors. The time and effort that gets put into finding the right color bait will be more than worth it in the end. Be sure to involve a professional in your decision due to the help they can offer.

Practice the Casting Process
The next thing that a fisherman has to do when trying to get good with the use of spinner baits is the casting and reeling in aspect. By taking the time to practice this aspect of your fishing, you will be able to get more success. There are a number of casting and reeling techniques out there and finding the right one will take some time and effort on your part. The more you are able to find out about the various techniques out there, the easier you will find it to choose the right one.

The team at Pro Angler has one of the best fishing apps out there. Be sure to consider them when in need of a great fishing app.

No Lassie’s Here

According to the American Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel club and the UK Kennel Club the German Shepherd Dog Breed has consistently placed a spot in the top list of most popular dogs. In spite of this popularity many people are not acquainted with the remarkable history of this dog.

It only dates back to 1899 as selectively and distinctly the Shepherd Breed. A one Mr. Horand Von Grafrath recognized the incredible intelligence of one particular Dog named Hektor and through selective and careful breeding, he was the first to declare the new German Shepherd Dog.

Because of its desirable traits, it quickly spread throughout Germany as the Working Dog of choice. Indeed, few dogs offer such Intelligence, Strength, Loyalty and, Ability to be trained as the German shepherd. In the United States you can thank the Hollywood Film Industry for Rin Tin Tin, a movie about a Hero Dog, and of-course he was a German shepherd. This 1922 film was so popular it earned this dog a Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and the “rest”, as they say, “is history”. This Breed is so adaptable you will find it in wide variety of important services.

The fact that they are inherently loyal and protective has made them the most popular Guard Dog in the World. Their superior keen sense of smell accounts for their use as best sniffing Dogs for Drugs, Explosives, Cadavers, Buried Survivors and, tracking. Their ability to be trained for specific tasks makes them the leader in service Dogs for the Disabled.

As a family pet it can be as kind, loving, and gentle as any other breed if it is raised as a puppy for this role. However, it can be trained as a powerful aggressive Attack Dog and this makes them perfect for the use by the Police and Military. Much like a human child, as a puppy, it will grow up to be what it is trained to be. Because of the German Shepherds popularity, many Kennel’s and Breeders deal exclusive in raising, training and, selling of this very special Breed of Dog.

In Canada, an example of a fine kennel can be found at, In the United States, there are also many Kennels to choose from dealing in only German Shepherds and, the same is true for the UK. It is true that the German shepherd accounts for largest number of recorded dog bites; however, we must take into consideration that, this is primarily because there are more of them. The second thing would be lack of proper training. Left unchecked, the German shepherd can be overly protective of the family it loves so dearly and will not warm up to strangers readily. In realty, they are just as warm, calm and good with children as any other breed; it’s all about the way they were brought up. If you are looking for a new Family Pet, the German shepherd is as good as it gets!