First warm-blooded fish determined

There are already known species of fishes which are capable of warming just some part of their body like the eye area and the brain. However, just very recently, scientists have found and was able to determine this fish that is able to warm its whole body. This fish is commonly called the moonfish but scientists called it opah.

First Warm-blooded Fish

Accordingly, Opah is a deep-sea spender as it stays and spends most of its lifetime hundreds of feet beneath the ocean surface. It is the part of the ocean where the water is such cold and a no-to-little light is able to penetrate.

Assembling New Aquarium

I am planning to assemble new aquarium sets at home in Metro Manila as soon as we fly back there because I noticed my little man enjoyed it so much having an aquarium with live fishes in there here in the province. In fact, when my brother was assembling new aquarium set, actually, an additional aquarium set here, he was curiously watching and thought like he wanted to join to his uncle doing the aquarium.

Assembling Aquarium

Because my little son really wanted to help and copy what his uncle was doing, while my brother was filling the aquarium with water, my brother was using a water pedal controller in controlling the amount of water coming inside the aquarium; that instance also, my little man picked the pm7 and used as a pedal on his own while copying what his uncle was doing.

Anyway, surely, I will assemble one at home soon.

Rare Giant Squid Washed Ashore in New Zealand

Seeing giant animals, for sure, really do amaze us even just seeing them online being shared on social media. How much more in person? How one would feel seeing by their naked eye the rare giant squid that was washed off in the shore in New Zealand?

Rare Giant Squid Washed Ashore in New Zealand

The said large female specimen has a 2-meter long mantle and a 19-centimeter eye diameter. The longest tentacle is just over five metres long, this was according to Aquarium who handled the said animal now.

Rare Giant Squid Washed Ashore in New Zealand

Can you imagine how big this rare giant squid and have them in your plate for dinner? LOL!


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Dead sea turtles confiscated from Chinese fishing vessel

I just can’t imagine how those responsible humans did this to sea turtles. As you can see from the image below, a number of sea turtles were already dead — in fact, captured dead from a Chinese fishing vessel around Palawan aea.

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles (image from

How cruel, as I could say, these humans were as they helplessly and guilt-free kill those sea turtles. Who else now will maintain the natural habitat in the ocean bed? Who will perform now the roles of those sea turtles in continuing the beauty and cycle of the ocean life?

People, let us all keep our environment, our ecosystem intact since even the smallest to the largest animal that we could see are all part of our existence in this world.