Musical Aquarium For Babies

By looking at an aquarium alone, you are already feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Home Aquariums

However, isn’t it more relaxing if we will hear the sound of an aquarium like the ripples of the water as fishes swims and the like? I have found online some musical aquarium that can be attached to your angel’s crib. It has been known that the sound of nature will help babies deeply asleep. Thus, I am planning of getting one for my little one but I want the sound to fill the entire room instead of just her crib. Maybe plugging it to a speaker using combo amp speaker cable from musicians friend will do? Hmm, I better ask hubby for this. He together with his musician friends knows about speaker set-up and instalation than me along.

‘See-through’ Marine Creature

What would you do if you happen to catch a fish as transparent or ‘see-through’ as the image below?

'See-through' Marine Creature

The fish from the image above was caught by Stewart Fraser when he was fishing along Northland’s east coast, 70km off the Karikari Peninsula with his two sons. The fish was actually a salp, according to Niwa’s primary scientist for biodiversity and biosecurity, Dennis Gordon. It moves by contracting and pumping through the ocean by his gelatinous body.

Indeed an amazing creature. But if I were the one who caught the creature or just say, was one there when the creature was caught, I might just be terribly horrified then and look for more to have them on my ocean-water aquarium — kidding aside.

Wall Aquariums

I am always getting fascinated with fishes, with aquariums. So when I got to see one wall aquarium when a friend of mine tease me online, I thought then of having one in my dream house.

Wall Aquariums

By just simply thinking of such huge beautiful water world of fishes inside in an aquarium installed in my house, I am already having in my mind the machinetools I need to have for its ensured and safe installation. But sure thing, M has a lot more good ideas for that thing than me. So I better consult him first for that works then.