Aquarium Tray Repair

I just shared in my previous posts in my other blog how ‘trying hard’ I was in doing some home repairs here in our new place.

Home Repair Home Repair (image from

Yes, and again, I tried doing the aquarium tray myself. But because of my bumps, only limited stuff were perfectly done as I assumed. Not all the manly tasks were done but at least, I’ve made a few. After doing those, I still realized I need a more professional worker to do the welding of the cloth hangers or maybe, a welding supply company to provide me materials and safety and protective devices so I can work on them then.

Actually, M was somehow angry when he knew I was working on some manly tasks at home because he was afraid if there might be something bad to happen to me and to our baby. That basically one of the things I learned — I should have just waited for him to do all those tasks.