Fishy Christmas Decors

Yay! It is so exciting to think that Christmas is almost around the corner. And talking about it, fishes shouldn’t be out of styles during these seasons as even decors are made and inspired by fishes just like the image below.

Fishy Christmas DecorsFishy Christmas Decors

However, I am not just so sure where we can shop these kind of fishy Christmas decors. But an online friend of mine suggested christmasplace department 56 north pole where one can find a lot of Fish-inspired Christmas decors especially designed for fish and other pet lovers.

What do you think of this Fishy Christmas decors to display at home?

Recycled Aquarium Stand

Recycled materials are also good idea to be used at home. This does not exclude aquarium stands.

Recycled Aquarium Stand

Yes, you heard me right. To be able to maximize all the stuff that are not working already at home, we thought of still using them, not its usual use but in other ways. We actually have old music converter, the one looking the same like behringer ada8000 ultragain pro 8-ch a/d & d/a converter at musician’s friend, which M thought of utilizing it as a recycled aquarium stand. We have not installed the converter as an aquarium stand yet, we still carefully planning for it. Other stuff that we are thinking of recycling are those old cabinets and plastic containers where we can also use as breeding place for other fishes.