Cichlid Fishes affected with Loud Noise

Loud noise produced by instruments are found to be harmful to cichlid fishes. This was what authorities found out when they checked on fishes in a nightclub in Sweden. You may read more about the story, Loud beats endanger Swedish nightclub fish, here.

Cichlid FishCichlid Fish (image from

When I read this news, I am afraid now if my planned mini fish sanctuary at home will suffer if and only if M will try out his audio-visual component at home. Though we don’t have the complete set yet, we don’t have Nord Keyboards which would surely provide a good music also but not really loud music, I still am afraid the possible things to happen to my pet fishes. I guess, I better talk to M on this.

New Pets to have

I had been mentioning about the new place where we will be moving in. And since pet dogs are not allowed in the compound, which was my first choice of pet to have, I will be settling for fishes then.

Pet FishesPet Fishes (image from

But this time, flowerhorn fishes are not in my list of pets to have since they are very time and attention consuming. Though I really wanted to have them back, I still can’t because sooner then I will be having a baby which needs my time than those fishes.

So for now, I am thinking of having koi fishes and situate them outside our house, just near the patio. Isn’t that a good idea then?

Aquarium Fishes Name Tags

I was trying to look for new aquarium ideas because I am planning to have my aquarium in my new place now. I found them really de-stressing. So when I had enough time to lurk for aquarium accessories, I really look for one unique idea for aquariums. And this was what I found, an aquarium fishes name tags.

Aquarium Name TagAquarium Fishes Name Tags (image from

Just because of curiosity, I really asked the shop attendant why they need to put on name tags on each aquariums. And they said it’s for them not to get confused of the fishes and for the guests also to know what the names of the fishes are.

Some of the aquarium fishes name tags have rfid protection so to prevent the name tags from getting wet.

Golden Big Eye Tuna

A rare giant tuna which was caught from the Philippines and shipped to the East Coast seafood distributor made the company amazed of this species of fish.

Golden Big Eye TunaGolden Big Eye Tuna (image from

I personally haven’t seen one here — a giant tuna with as big eye as the image shown above. And if I happen to see one, I surely would be amazed too. But of course, even though how surprising seeing a rare creature like this, the giant tuna still ended up as a sushi.