Silver Dollar Fishes

While chatting with a friend about different tropical fishes, we have mentioned and gotten even curious with Silver Dollar Fishes. At first, my friend threw me a joke like are Silver Dollar Fishes looking the same as 1883 silver dollar? “As we wish“, was my only answer.

Silver Dollar FishesSilver Dollar Fishes (image from

I am not sure if I have seen Silver Dollar Fishes in person yet but they are looking the same as to what I have imagined — the fishes I’ve seen in the pet shop in our place. The fishes there were silver also in color but not as shining as most of the reviews online said about these fishes.

Here are some of the descriptions of Silver Dollar Fishes:

  • Scientific Name: Metynnis hypsauchen
  • Common Names: Silver Dollar Fish
  • Size: 6 – 7 inches (15 – 18 cm)
  • pH: 6 – 7.5
  • Temperature: 75°F – 82°F (24°C – 28°C)
  • Water Hardnes : 8° to 15° dH,
  • Life span: 5 – 10 years
  • Origin/Habitat: South America


Data mentioned above are from

Small Submersible Pump for Small Pond

Mom and I bought a small submersible pump for the proposed small pond at home which my brother planned to build.

Small Submersible Pump for Small PondSmall Submersible Pump for Small Pond (image from

The small submersible pump we bought was looking like the above image. My brother planned of using the said pump in a three (3) by five (5) square meter pond at home.

Small Fishes for Outdoor Wall Fountains

I’ve seen a lot of outdoor wall fountains of different styles and sizes but I am just wondering if we can rear even small fishes on these outdoor wall fountains. The following are some of the elegant outdoor wall fountains.

Oxford Lion Wall FountainOxford Lion Wall Fountains (image from

Formal Garden Wall FountainFormal Garden Wall Fountain (image from

Brook Floor or Wall Water Fountain Brook Floor or Wall Water Fountain (image from

Some of the small fishes I thought applicable for outdoor wall fountains include the following.

Small Gold FishesSmall Gold Fishes (image from

Flock of Small FishesFlock of Small Fishes (image from

Freshwater Natural Aquarium Documentary

I have just posted about the Sacramento Aquarium Society, a group of aquarists who are fascinated in rearing aquarium fishes and so today, I would like to share the society’s Freshwater Natural Aquarium Documentary which I grabbed a copy from their website.

Freshwater Natural Aquarium Documentary

Sacramento Aquarium Society

We all hear Sacramento as a known team in Basketball games and as well as the Sacramento rehab for alcohol and drug-related abuse. However, one thing which I’ve known from Sacramento, California is the Sacramento Aquarium Society or the SAS.

Sacramento Aquarium SocietySacramento Aquarium Society (image from

I’ve only read about the Sacramento Aquarium Society online and the group is really enthusiastic in rearing aquarium organisms. Both the noobies and the expert aquarists are helping each other to achieve the society’s objective.

How I wish there will be an active aquarium society also in the country.