Life without water

Life without water is like living with no air. Same goes with music. If there’s no any sound, probably life would be much more boring that it could take away our lives.

Water DropWater Drop (image from

For sure, all of you would feel the same thing. Imagine we used to live the life we are having now with sound and music where we have best music man in our lives. And then suddenly, it will be taken away from us? What on earth could that be? But then, that would somehow not really happen though. Just like aquariums, as long as there is someone is taking care of it… surely, those fish won’t be dying.

Effects of Noise on Fishes

Setting up your cool music production software near your aquariums is not a good idea. Fishes are thought to be deaf but hearing is one of the crucial senses for their survival. It is one mechanism that helps them communicate, understand and learn about their environment for their living.

Effects of Noise on FishesEffects of Noise on Fishes (image from

The idea of providing fishes in aquariums a solitude and an appropriate environment for a living was first taught to me by a pet shop owner. She mentioned that fishes are also affected to noisy environment which can even cause them not to eat or sometimes, their death.

Changing Aquarium Water

I still remember one problem I used to encounter before when I change Ishy‘s aquarium water. It’s how I remove the dirty water and fill the aquarium with newer and cleaner one considering that I intentionally and perfectly situated the aquarium in the topmost part of our shelf in the living room. Just imagine how risers like firm wooden stools were of best help to me then. My brother also suggested me to use plastic hose in removing water. During that time, I have had no idea what hose to use but only the electric thermoplastic hydraulic hose to help me remove those water.

Dirty Aquarium WaterDirty Aquarium Water (image from

Anyways, that was before and I already learned how to remove water from the aquarium using hose and just let the water flow through it when my brother personally showed it to me when I went home and observed him how he cleaned his aquariums.