Lucky Number of Gold Fish in Aquarium

I personally don’t believe on ‘lucky charms’ and everything else about being ‘lucky’ coz I know that being ‘lucky’ is just too subjective to pronounce that you are such. But as what mom said, there’s no harm and nothing will be lost if we’ll just follow beliefs. And if things go right, we might be ‘lucky’ then.

Anyways, while thinking of having, or not, new sets of fishes and a big fish aquarium for me here in my new place, a friend reminded me to take note of the lucky number of gold fishes in an aquarium. Though I haven’t mentioned to him what fishes I’ll be picking at, he, I guess, was just assuming that I’ll choosing gold fishes for my new aquarium.

Moreover, it was my first time to hear about certain number of fishes to include in an aquarium, specifically, gold fishes. With my curiosity, I really went back to him, talked and learned more about lucky numbers of gold fishes in an aquarium.

In an aquarium, the lucky number of gold fishes are eight (8) gold fishes and one (1) black gold fish.

Lucky Number of Gold Fish in Aquarium

Opps! As mentioned, inside an aquarium, just eight (8) gold fishes; not like the one above. 🙂

Lucky Number of Gold Fishes in Aquariums

That’s the black gold fish above. 🙂

Aquarium Fish Foods

Could you still remember Gary, the chocolate loving fish? Yes, that gourami fish has been used to feeding chocolates as what his master fed him. I am wondering if Gary would also gulp whole bean coffee since it has somehow the same composition with chocolates. What do you think? But really are the best aquarium fish foods for any fishes?

Anyways, here are some of the aquarium fish foods which you can choose to feed your aquarium fishes.

  • TetraMin Tropical Flakes Fish FoodTetraMin Tropical Flakes Fish Food
  • Aqueon Goldfish FoodAqueon Goldfish Food
  • Tetra Color Tropical CrispsTetra Color Tropical Crisps

Fish Aquarium Flooring

I love to have pets of different kinds. But in terms of keeping their homes beauteous and elegantly looking, I don’t have much clever hands on that. So to satisfy myself in planning to have my own fish aquarium at home, I sported for fish aquarium flooring online.

Fish Aquarium FlooringFish Aquarium Flooring (image from

Many said it is best to use stone pebbles as fish aquarium flooring. Others also said to put mattress on the deepest part of the aquarium. But I wonder if a piece of torn memory foam mattress can be used.

Anyways, of all the ideas I stumbled upon, I might utilize pebbles, instead.